Top 6 cameras for Fashion photography

Top 6 cameras for Fashion photography

Cameras have become the greatest need for the human being. Anything we like is captured in just a single click and it becomes the moment for lifetime as we can cherish those photographs after so many years also. Like before, the cameras were not developed for a single purpose. Nowadays, cameras are manufactured depending on the use of the people. Like for wildlife photography, the cameras according to it are used, for wedding there are unique set of cameras and so on. Now, the need and use of the camera has differed the manufacturing of it to great extent. Here we have come to talk about the cameras for the fashion photography. So, check out some unique cameras that are used while fashion photography.

Canon EOS Rebel SL1

We can’t talk about the digital cameras or simply the SLR cameras without considering the Canon. It is the best for any purpose. Here, we are discussing the cameras mainly for the fashion photography and this Canon Rebel is best for this purpose. This is the smallest camera in the market so far. ISO for this camera can go up to 12800. You can grab this camera at a price of $650, but if you compare at other places you might get it at less price even.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-G5

This particular model from Panasonic is in the mirror-less SLR category with high performance ratio. It has 16 mega pixels of resolutions and has the capacity to take 5 frames per second. This model is same and compact as compared to Canon above. If you find this camera with some discount then you probably get it at around $500. The fashion photographers should definitely try this camera.

Olympus E-PL1

This is another camera and another brand for the SLR camera. When we talk about fashion photography then there are many options available in the market to consider. This is also mirror less SLR camera like the Panasonic above. It also features image stabilization and full automatic features with the lens of this camera. You can get this camera at a price of just $500 so there is no issue of the price. If you like the features and quality then you can easily get this one for your purpose.

Nikon D5100

If you are willing to purchase SLR camera then most of the photographers will either recommend you the Canon or Nikon. Both of these cameras are good quality cameras, but with difference in the lens system. It can even take the photos in low light. This is the great camera for the photography as well as videography. You can get this camera at a price of around $450 only.

Olympus OM-D EM5

The most attractive designed SLR camera for the fashion photography is Olympus OM-D model. It has the vintage design and also the mirror less camera. The viewfinder is also included in this camera. It has the 16 mega pixel resolution with the capability of capturing some high quality images. Other features that are included are image stabilization and tendency to capture image at 9 frames per second. So, this is the most powerful camera for the fashion photography and mostly liked by the fashion photographers.

Nikon D800

Nikon D800 is another wonderful camera in the SLR category. It has 36.3 mega pixel resolutions with 3.2 inch LCD screen. It also includes CMOS sensor. It has 15 mm focal length and is full auto focus. It can click some beautiful images as well as some beautiful videos too. It is not waterproof camera so use it safely in the poor weather conditions. Nikon has always delivered the best, whenever it comes to photography whether it is fashion or any other event.

Final words

These SLR cameras have a lot to offer to the photographers. They are beautifully designed cameras with many features to impress any photographer. The low price of this camera will also impress the photographers because this is the only issue with many people. When it comes to fashion photography then there are many options available but we have made the list of some of the best and selected cameras that has the tendency to deliver at major events. So these are the must try cameras during fashion events.

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